Performance and measurement versatility!

The entry-level SmartScope MVP multi-sensor range maintains OGP’s uncompromisingly high standards by offering maximum performance in general measurement operations delivering optimal reliability and accuracy at an affordable price.

MVP provides multi-sensor metrology that will meet any general measurement application using the same advanced software and high-quality components as the rest of OGP's world-leading metrology range, providing the best in-class performance making it a popular choice for manufacturers worldwide.

SmartScope MVP delivers maximum performance for minimum investment.

SmartScope MVP CMMs are available in bench top or floor standing format. Standard models are equipped with a video sensor and have the option for additional sensors such as a Renishaw touch probe or Laser for added versatility.

SPRINT MVP Range Product Specifications:

  • Automated Operation: Floor model SmartScope MVP systems are equipped with servo-driven motorised stages and Measure -X® metrology software for completely automated inspection and/or measurement.
  • Superior Zoom Optics: A precise 6.5 to 1 automatic zoom lens keeps images in focus and on-axis throughout the zoom range. Optional screw-on lens attachments expand the magnification range.
  • Large Measurement Volume: A value engineered large XY travel stage features robust bearing design and performance, for confident measurement for large parts.
  • Multi-Probe Capability: Use the optional laser or touch probe to access difficult-to-image or otherwise inaccessible features, to more fully characterise parts in a single setup.

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