Industrial CT scannig

Our service starts where others end

Why an industrial CT scanning service?

Because we decided to give more to our customers. We want to offer a service that allows you to look into your product.

Thanks to Ct scanning, you will be able to improve level of productivity and  process, following-up the product from the R&D through to manufactoring and quality control, to raise efficiency and maximise results.

CT has a broad range of application: plastic moulding, rubber gasket, biomedical, dental implantology, machining and automotive.

Explore the third dimension of science

10 good reasons you might need our industrial CT scanning service.

This advanced diagnostic technique allows the inspection of parts' interiors with Non-destructive test

  1. Identification and analysis of moulding defects, like inclusions, particles, low density and porosity
  2. Measurement and analysis of size, shape and tolerances and related graphical reports 
  3. Reduced time and cost of testing
  4. Sample chromatic analysis compared with theoretical mathematical model
  5. Control of changes made and quick correction of failures thanks to scan comparison
  6. Detection of weld defects and anomalies, as thickness or burrs
  7. Deformation and stress test for parts subject to friction or heavy loads
  8. Reverse engineering for internal parts and components
  9. Delicate materials compressibility test
  10. Failure analysis of assemblies



Best available technologies at your disposal

To ensure fast, reliable and accurate analysis results, we use for CT scanning service the most advanced technolgies and software available:

  • Officially certified "Metrology Edition" in accordance with VDI2630
  • Measurement accuracy equal to mm 0.004+L/100
  • Microfocus X-ray tube powerful up to 300kV
  • Volume Graphics software 

Metrological Analysis, wich could be an integrative part of the service, represent an added value thanks to our technical team.