Laser Measurement - DRS Laser

SmartScope metrology systems with an integrated DRS (Digital Range Sensor) Laser Probe provide its user with a non-contact solution for high-resolution surface contouring supplement to your video measurement processes.

Metrology software integrates DRS Laser data points as easily as those gathered through video measurement systems. Linear and area scans are both easily programmed into automatic measurement routines for accuracy in measurement of surface area contours.

DRS Laser Probes are available with a variety of features, each has its own unique capture range, standoff distance and resolution on certain SmartScope models the DRS Laser Probe is deployable and retractable under program control for uninterrupted, unattended measurement.

It works by using laser triangulation to determine surface heights. While the surface is illuminated with a small laser spot, scattered light is collected by a sensor array as exact positional information is recorded by metrology software at selected data rates and spacing intervals.


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