New Opticline CS Series

Discover the perfect price-performance ratio in optical measurement market

New Opticline CS-series from Jenoptik, proposed by OGP HOMMEL ITALIA, represent the best solution optical shaft measuring systems for quality assurance turned parts.
Recently placed on the market, and strongly promoted by OGP HOMMEL ITALIA, this new line is the perfect meet between proven Jenoptik technology and reasonable price.

Opticline CS-series has in fact a high competitive price, not only in comparison to other players, but also to classic Opticline series.
The new line is the winning value for pricing choice thanks to professional experience gained by Jenoptik and OGP HOMMEL ITALIA.

The greatest benefit of new Opticline CS-series is the purchase price wich allows investing in quality, for a new measuring system and also to increase the existing line. The engineering design, solid and robust, is optimized for usage in quality control system as well as in produtcion environment, giving a fast feedback of measurement result in production process. Opticline CS is easy for operate and for program: a user-friendly software, clear and capable statistics, and conclusive reporting.


  • Winning price-performance ratio
  • Robust design to use in production
  • Easy, fast and flexible measurements


  • Turned part manufacturers

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