AMP 3100

Automated, high-speed metrology system ideal for 100% high-volume precision inspection of small parts.

The AMP 3100 non-contact metrology platform features a cutting-edge machine vision system, lasers, custom lighting, advanced robotics, defect detection capabilities, and flexible part-loading options. With processing speeds exceeding four parts per second, the AMP 3100 metrology platform is a repeatable, high-speed solution offering consistent measurements equal to, or better than, gauge capabilities of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) and Optical Measuring Machines (OMMs), but with increased throughput to enable 100% measurement of your high-volume parts.

Industries & Applications

Aerospace Automotive Consumer Electronics
Microelectronic boards
Small components
Speciality fasteners
SD cards
Medical Devices Precision Manufacturing Semiconductors
Dental implants
Medical screws and nails
Orthodontic ceramic brace brackets
Additive manufactured parts
Cutting tools
Ceramic wire-bonding tips
MEMS devices

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