diondo evo 03

User-friendly CT system for Complex Measuring & Inspection Tasks

The user-friendly evo 03 system enables reliable analysis and precise measurements of small to medium-sized parts made of plastic, ceramic or light alloys. The main focus is on the simplicity of system operation. This makes it possible for anyone to analyze the internals of a sample or completely measure contours quickly and efficiently without in-depth knowledge.

Every material, every manufacturing process holds the potential for different defects inside components that are normally hidden from the eye.

With its small, minimalist design, the system is able to achieve a resolution of up to 56 μm and particularly good repeatability, making it ideally suited for precise measurement tasks.

With the aid of CT technology, internal and external defects and details of a component are recorded in 3D nondestructively.

Radiography provides high-resolution 2D data information of the part under inspection, even in real time. Simple and yet flexible.

Both hardware and software have been designed to reduce the system to the essentials without compromising on quality.

Despite the simplified design, we have retained a filter wheel so that you can also examine more absorbing materials with high quality. A higher material density leads to a stronger absorption and scattering of the X-rays. So that you can achieve clear object edges and reliably detect defects despite these effects, we include a manual filter wheel with 6 filter positions that can be switched between depending on the sample composition.


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