diondo d1

diondo d1 is a new, compact CT system, wich leaves nothing to be desired regarding accuray, speed, flexibility and ease of use. Diondo d1 not only optimally meets the requirements of metrology, but also the high demands of non-distructive material testing with great precision.

Instead of the metal manipulator commonly used in CT systems, d1 rests on a solid granite base. Its inherent stifness and temperature stability, guarantee perfects results even after many years of intensive use.

Furthermore, the axes are equipped with glass scales, a feature that is generaly provided in CT systems at higer price. Maximun accuracy guaranteed in compliance with VDI/VDE guideline 2630.

An highlight of diondo d1 is the high-contrast 3K detector. The combination of narrow pixel grid and a wide active area, offers the user sereral advantages: on the one hand it allows an extremely high resolution for small objects, on the other it offers the imaging of large test pieces in "one-shot" without having to capture them in multiple partial scans with evident time saving.

The piece diameter measurable may be up to 300mm with a maximum height of 500mm e approved weight up to 20kg.

Thus, diondo d1 is the ideally CT system for non-destructive test with high precision both for metal and composite components as well as for metrology on plastics.


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